Tuesday, September 22, 2009

O.K. so here is another quilt! I love making quilts, it truly is a new found obsession and joy in my life. If only I had a little more money(o.k. a lot more money), and a lot more time. I read the other day that a broken sewing machine, means a clean house. Wouldn't it be great to create all day everyday? I could do it, and then give all the fun things away. That is really one of my favorite parts of making things, giving them away. It was a delight to give this quilt to a friend who just had a little girl. She loves hot pink, so of course my dear friend who helped me, and I needed to go with it. We kept is simple! And look what we came up with. If I remember correctly we bought 10 different black and white fabrics 1/2 yard each. Cut them into strips, sewed them together, and in a matter of about 2 hours the top was done. That's even working with distractions. The back is pink minky, so it's extra soft. We just stitched in the ditch, then add the hot pink ric rac and flowers. We left the flower edges so they would fray. It turned out really cute, and the little baby just loves the contrast with the black and white. It went together really quick. Thanks to one of my best girls and her help - it always is a joy to create with her.


  1. that is sooooooooo cute!!! i wanna make one for my almost sister-in-law!! :)


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